Do you ever think about unicorns...?

A long time ago (the 80s) in a far away land (Cleveland) a feisty, virgo unicorn was born.

No, wait, rewind... Let's try that again

Hi! I'm Jackie aka Two-Eight Photography! Photography has been a form of expression for me since I was 9. It seems giving a camera to corral this hyper kid is a recurring theme because freshman year on the yearbook staff, I discovered that my photos could be an extension of my own voice--a spark of potential that would become my passion. A passion to capture moments that say so much, convey natural passion, create empathy, and raise awareness. My education and decade-plus experience have revealed lifestyle portraits and music photography to be my forté, though I have the experience and flexibility to do much, much more.

My editing style is a high contrast, light and airy look with either bold color or rich black and white tone. My clients describe their sessions as relaxing, fun, and familiar, an atmosphere I strive for in my sessions to generate real emotions. As a queer woman,, I also strive to be a safe space for the most vulnerable. I travel extensively around LA for location shoots, in-home sessions, and more! As a former nanny, I have a great rapport with kids, and as an openminded human, I'm always open to weird or unusual ideas for themes and sessions!


Studio Location:
360 W. 6th St
San Pedro, CA 90731


To schedule a session or mini session, please contact [email protected] or call (805) 403-8569